Quality & Human Resources Manager

What people appreciate about Sabik Offshore is the safe environment and the prospects in this industry.

What do you like about your job?

We are an international team that meets as equals. Our colleagues benefit and learn from each other. Lifelong learning is important and Sabik Offshore supports this with the help of further training.


What do you think your colleagues value about Sabik Offshore?

We have a good working atmosphere. The doors are open if you need to talk. You have the opportunity to develop your position, it’s not set in stone.


What motivates you?

We are doing something big and meaningful.
The growing offshore wind sector gives us the opportunity to become part of the energy transition.

“Welcome to Sabik Offshore!”

This is what you will hear when you make an appointment with Kerstin for a job interview or if you have any questions about your upcoming new start with us. You are in the best of hands with Kerstin and all your questions will be heard and answered in both German and English.

She herself has been with Sabik Offshore since 2005 and appreciates the personal interaction, the good working atmosphere and the many opportunities for further development. Flexible working also scores highly with her and many of her colleagues.

“We are part of the energy transition!” says Kerstin. This emphasises the deeper meaning behind working at Sabik Offshore. The international team always speaks the same language when it comes to realising the goals we have set together.

One Team -
limitless possibilities!

Sabik Offshore offers an exciting chance to be part of a dynamic and growing industry. We are always on the lookout for unique and qualified people to enrich our team. Haven't found a suitable position but would like to join our team? Then send us your story to Kerstin Deutschler.

Be a part of the green energy transition!

Sabik Offshore - your new employer!

Sabik Offshore is the only company that focuses exclusively on providing marking, lighting and safety solutions specifically for offshore wind farms. Our portfolio ranges from maritime aids to navigtion, ID marking, work area lighting, aviation obstruction lighting and railings.

From temporary to permanent solutions,  we integrate thousands of components into a single system that is remotely monitored and controlled. Our multinational team spans the globe and so far supplies to projects on three continents.

With experience, expertise and the trust of our customers, we have become the global market leader in the marking and lighting of offshore wind farms. We also supply the German-speaking marine market with fixed and floating aids to navigation for waterways, harbours and locks.