I always wanted to work in a company that is committed to future issues and green topics.

What do you like about your job at Sabik Offshore?

I have the freedom to work according to my needs. People trust me – and that’s a very nice thing. When I have an idea, people listen to me. I like our brainstorming meetings when we discuss things with each other.

What drives you?

In addition to the commitment to green issues, it is also Sabik Offshore’s image: young, dynamic and international.


Being from Spain, why do you think foreign employees in particular feel at home at Sabik Offshore?

I think that the people at Sabik Offshore understand the situation of a foreigner better than anywhere else. The company was started by a foreigner in Germany. My colleagues are compassionate and understand when I’m struggling with the German language and help me. I want to speak as little English as possible in the company. I am gradually reaching that goal and now speak almost only German at work.

What convinced you to join Sabik Offshore?

I was looking for something in the Rostock area, so Schwerin originally wasn’t on my radar. But I did talk with them, and the company made a such an impression on me that I said I have to work here.

As a hardware developer, I have been working on the layouts for the circuit boards for the production of Sabik products since 2022. I have a very good relationship with my colleagues. I like being here, I’m in a good mood and I do what I like to do and have always wanted to do: I have the freedom to work according to my needs.

I come from Madrid and many people there are very stressed and unfriendly. It’s not like that here. People are friendlier. And the pollution is also much lower here. Every time I return from a family visit in Spain, I take a deep breath and think: “What great air!”

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Sabik Offshore offers an exciting chance to be part of a dynamic and growing industry. We are always on the lookout for unique and qualified people to enrich our team. Haven't found a suitable position but would like to join our team? Then send us your story to Kerstin Deutschler.

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Sabik Offshore is the only company that focuses exclusively on providing marking, lighting and safety solutions specifically for offshore wind farms. Our portfolio ranges from maritime aids to navigtion, ID marking, work area lighting, aviation obstruction lighting and railings.

From temporary to permanent solutions,  we integrate thousands of components into a single system that is remotely monitored and controlled. Our multinational team spans the globe and so far supplies to projects on three continents.

With experience, expertise and the trust of our customers, we have become the global market leader in the marking and lighting of offshore wind farms. We also supply the German-speaking marine market with fixed and floating aids to navigation for waterways, harbours and locks.